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List of Equipment

Here is a list of the equipment available for your project:

(1) CAD/CAM, Cimatron 90, 6.2, 3D
(1) CNC Milling Machine, Hamai, TN-150
(1) CNC Machine Center, Hamai, MCV-1800
(1) Vertical Machine Center, Hamai, MCV-700
(1) Vertical Milling Machine, Champchill, B4VF
(1) Vertical Milling Machine, Long Chang, LC-195VN
(2) EDM, Ard Precision, EDM-M50E
(1) EDM, Finetech, SA-400
(1) CNC Surface Grinder, Proth, PSGS-3060AH

To know how does the mold made, check: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seZqq1qxW30.