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Project Schedule

One day in 1996, John of Inventory Science Systems who was the owner of an inventory auditing service, decided that he could make a new handheld data collector that would be better than any other available.

John then approached someone to design the housing and its related parts. Two months later, armed with the drawings of the housing of his new Baby, John excitedly surfed the Internet and sent approximately 100 inquiries worldwide to find someone to make the housing for him.

A few companies got back to John. Others didn't even bother to reply. Of those who replied, some echoed BIG BUCKS while others were too vague in their answers, and some of the injection molders said that it would take up to one year to get the mold made.

And then from the across the net, came a solid reply. It was from a company called Actech. Actech answered John's call for help, asked the right questions and determined within 24 hours what John's needs were.

Upon receipt of all relevant information, Actech provided John with a complete quotation within 48 hours - quick, hassle-free service without the red tape associated with a BIG Company.

Mock-Up sample; Metal Mold / Tooling Cost; Molding / Unit Cost; Secondary Operations Cost.

Finally, John & his wife, Lisa, decided to invite Actech to participate in the delivery of their First new BABY.

On Oct. 8, 1996 John asked Actech to make one set of Mock-Up samples for him. Two weeks later, Mock-Up samples were delivered to Sacramento, CA for ISS's evaluation.
On Nov. 15, 1996 following several discussions on minor improvements, ISS confirmed to GO for the production of the metal molds.
On Jan. 22, 1997 T1 sample, the first molding trial, was sent to ISS with a proposal for 3 alternate designs as well as 3 remarks on areas for improvement.
On Feb. 1, 1997 John, after evaluating the T1 samples, advised Actech on some final, minor detail improvements.
On Feb. 13, 1997 Actech received the samples of the labels to be applied on the housing.
On Mar. 7, 1997 T2 sample was sent out.
On Mar. 12, 1997 ISS confirmed the first lot of 400 sets.
On Apr. 2, 1997 240 sets of housing with secondary operations were shipped by air to Sacramento, California while another 160 sets were shipped by sea.

A New Baby Is Born: KeyTracker.

Actech now makes various plastic parts for ISS and provides other products like Key Switch, Key Cap, Label, Screen Protector and many more.