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Why Actech

Actech Inc. was founded on the belief that customers need a total solution when developing plastic components. We help you to avoid needlessly complicated mold designs and over-engineered parts.

Our professional staff offer a wide variety of services, from part design, prototyping, material selection and tooling to the final manufacturing of your components and products.

We also offer many value-added services such as screen printing, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, rubber molding, sheetmetal components, cable assembly, membrane panels, CNC machining, product assembly, packaging and more.

Why use actech?
- Access to the low manufacturing and labor cost in Asia
- Quality assurance by experties in Actech
- Fluent in English - no language barriers
- Lower volume of MOQ requirements than most vendors
- Significant savings over domestic manufacturing
- The advantage of doing business in Taiwan over mainland China
- Taiwan is a key US trade partner with over 50 years of stable relations

Actech essentially acts as a remote business division overseeing development, material procurement, production, quality assurance and other interests of our client companies.